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Being a member places on you an obligation to play your part in the life of the club and we look forward to seeing you represent Richmond and Zetland Harriers in competitions throughout the 12 month membership. This obligation also includes paying an annual subscription which should be made to the Membership Secretary soonest.

Junior Membership is Subject to Invitation, Due to Consistent Demand and Strict Coaching Ratios.

Annual membership runs for 12 months from 1st April to 31st March.
Subscription fees for 2017/18 are as follows:

Membership Annual Subscription
Full Member £65.00 (includes EA Fees)
Second family Member (same address) £60.00 (includes EA Fees)
Family Membership £110.00 (*excludes EA Fees)
Social Members £15.00 (No EA fee required)
Life Member £0.00 (includes EA Fees)

 *Families at same address with three or more members Note: Each member is required to pay £15 additional EA Fees

If you resign from the club you must do so in writing. English Athletics (EA) rules apply ie. You may join another club but may not compete in team, relay races or field events for a period of six months unless special exemption is granted. During this time you may compete as an individual.

To apply, please fill in the form below:

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  • The above mentioned hereby applies for active membership of Richmond and Zetland Harriers and, if elected, agrees to abide by the rules and codes of conducts of the club.
  • I declare that, as far as i know the above mentioned is fit to take part in strenuous physical activity. I declare that the above mentioned is an amateur and able to take compete under UK Athletics Rules.
  • I accept that personal data disclosed will be held on a computer by the Club and I agree to the disclosure of this data: i) in a list to members; ii) to EA iii) to coaches
  • I agree to allow for photographs of the above mentioned to be used on the Club website or in other club related publicity.